Please call (419) 446-WINE or message us on Facebook for more information about reserving one of our party rooms.

Rental Guidelines:

  1. No other alcohol may be brought in

  2. Children should be kept in the rented room and be supervised at all times

  3. Please refrain from using glitter and open flames

  4. No open flames

  5. Due to limited space, refrigeration will not be available during rental

  6. Please bring ice if any will be needed

  7. 2 – six foot tables are included in the room rental

  8. White tablecloths (2) are available for rent ($2.50 each)

  9. Any other supplies or utensils used will also carry a rental fee as needed

  10. Food may be brought in (outlets are available if needed)

  11. Tabs for wine may be started for rentals, the tab will be figured into the final payment

  12. Please notify staff if any wine should be guest’s responsibility

Clean Up Duties:

  1. All tables and chairs are to be placed back in original positions (see diagram)

  2. Garbage is to be taken out to the outdoor trash receptacle

  3. Please notify staff of spills immediately

  4. A cleaning fee of $25 will be issued to any group which has children under 10 present

  5. Rental payment will not figured until clean up is complete (Rental Fee + Open Tabs)

Small Room:  There is a $40 flat fee for small room reservations.  The small room can hold approximately 12 people. 

Large Room:  There is a $40/hour fee for large room reservations.  A $40 Deposit is required to reserve.  The hourly Fee will include set up and clean up times.  The large room can hold approximately 60 people.