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White Wine

Seyval Blanc
Dry, done Chardonnay style with oak, Estate
Harvest Gold
Dry Vidal having aromatic tropical undertones
Autumn Mist
Semi-dry Riesling, fruity and aromatic, slightly acidic
Golden Cluster
Semi-dry Seyval Blanc, a very fresh feel, with a slight hint of grapfruit, Estate
Three Gals
Semi-sweet Geisenheim
Heritage Grove
Semi-sweet Estate Vignoles
Knotty White
Signature sweet blend, delightfully sweet and fruity

Red Wine

Foch Reserve
Dry, barrell-oaked Marechal Foch Estate Wine
Vineyard Jewels
Dry, red blend
Farmer's Choice
Dry, barrell-oaked deChaunac with lingering flavors, Estate
Semi dry, yet fruit forward
Summer Storm
A blend of Seyval Blanc and Foch
Blend of Steuben and Concord
Knaughty Blush
Signature Sweet Pink Catawba, sweet yet delicate, Ohio's Lake Erie Claim to Fame variety
Knotty Red
Signature Sweet Concord & deChaunac blend, distinct aroma of "Grandma's Jelly"

Fruit Wine

Cherry on Top (Out of Stock)
Knotty Blue
Blackberry Rush
Jazzy Red
Prices range from $12 - $23 a bottle
A small selection of craft beers are also available

Availability of some varieties is seasonal and may be limited.
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